Application process

Making an application

We want everyone who applies to our programmes to have an equal opportunity to perform - and enjoy the experience. That’s why we’ve provided lots of information here that we hope is helpful.

If you’re applying for a role outside of the UK not all of the below may be relevant to your recruitment process. We’ll tell you what the hiring approach for your role will be as soon as you apply and explain any differences.

  • First, make sure you're eligible to apply, by checking our entry requirements page
  • Next, it's worth familiarising yourself with our application process
  • Then read through our hints and tips for each stage of our process
  • Typically it takes around 20 mins to fill out your application and submit it

There's a good reason why we make our recruitment process so rigorous. We want to be absolutely sure we take on the right people. Not just the people who'll get the most out of the programme, but those who will also bring the most to BT.

Online application form

We review each and every completed form in detail, so we know it takes time to pull together, but we ask you to take the time to consider it carefully. We believe that we unlock the power of our people when we value their diversity. This is a priority for us because a diverse workforce fosters greater innovation, helps us better understand and service our customers and empowers our people to deliver their best.

We’d like to have the best possible picture of who’s applying for our graduate scheme, so it would be great if you could give us as much information as you can.

Any information you give us is confidential and held in line with Data Protection legislation. It won’t be taken into account when we’re making decisions.

Online tests

All applicants complete a situational judgement test created specifically for BT. You’ll hear about some common scenarios you could face here, and we want to know how you’d respond. We care about how people will approach their jobs as well as what they do, because we’re looking for people who’ll be a great fit for our culture and support our goal of using the power of communications to make a better world. We’ll provide a feedback report after this test and hope it’s a useful experience for you, whether you pass it or not.

Video or telephone interview

If you do well on the situational judgement test, we'll ask you to complete a video or telephone interview. We’ll use that time to get to know you as a person – what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, and where you have potential to grow. After the video or telephone interview, you’ll get a detailed feedback report – again, we want to make sure it’s a useful learning experience for you whether you pass or not.

Assessment centre

If the video or telephone interview goes well we’ll invite you to an assessment centre designed uniquely for BT. We’ll explore what you can do, what you’re passionate about doing, and your long-term potential. You’ll have a better idea of what life is like with us. By the end we should both be able to decide whether we’re right for each other.

If you’re applying to a technical area you can expect to complete some technical assessments which give us (and you) an idea of how you’d perform some of the responsibilities you’d take on after joining us.


We'll contact you a few days after your assessment to tell you whether or not you’ll be offered a role, and to give you detailed feedback and a personal development report. If you’re successful, your manager will use this information to make sure your role is tailored to you, so that you’ll be stretched to reach your full potential when you join.


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