• Who we are

    BT Global Services is a global leader in managed networked IT services working across a wide variety of different industries. Our people are incredibly passionate about helping customers around the world to thrive.

    With offices from Madrid to Moscow, BT operates networks and IT systems for corporate customers across Europe. They include two thirds of the top German companies, ninety percent of France’s CAC40 organisations, 29 businesses listed in Spain’s IBEX-35 index, and many more enterprises of all shapes and sizes. From high speed networks to data security, we deliver what they need.

  • About the programme

    The Global Services Graduate programme running in Europe is designed to help you become a brilliant leader in this part of the business. The roles are varied, but all focus on business management, and the goal is to quickly develop you to be a brilliant General Manager.

    The program is rotational, providing 4x6 month assignments (rotations) focusing on key areas of our business.  You can expect to develop a real breadth and depth of knowledge.The 4 rotations could be in areas such as Project Management, Business Improvement, Business Consultancy and Client Engagement.

    In addition to the rotations, you'll have all the training, career advice, and encouragement you need to get your career off to a great start. Our core graduate training is made up of 20 days’ training across each year. Over two years, you'll be laying a foundation to a career which can lead to a senior leadership role at BT. At the end of your time on the programme, your breadth of knowledge and skills will position you for a challenging role in the business.

  • What we look for

    We have opportunities in several different countries.

    Please note that you can only apply for one country within each graduate campaign.

    Specific entry criteria for each country:


    • An Engineering Degree (Preferred: Superior Industrial/Superior Telco/Superior IT) with a mark of 2 (Bien). Certificated marks will be requested
    • Fluency in English and Spanish
    • The legal right to work in Spain or the EU


    • At least a Masters degree with an average grade of 7.5
    • Fluency in English, Dutch is recommended
    • Maximum of 2 years’ working experience
    • The legal right to work in the Netherlands or the EU


    • At least a Masters degree with a minimal level of 'onderscheiding'.
    • Fluency in English, as well as French or Dutch (both written and spoken)
    • Maximum of 2 years of working experience
    • The legal right to work in Belgium or the EU


    • At least a Masters degree from a Business and Management or Engineering school
    • Fluent English and French
    • The legal right to work in France or the EU


    • A Bachelors or Masters degree in Engineering (Telecommunications, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management Engineering, IT). We will consider students who will obtain their degree in January 2016
    • Fluent English and Italian
    • Experience of working abroad is desirable
    • The legal right to work in Italy or the EU


    • A Bachelors Degree in Business Management of Engineering with at least Grade 4.
    • Fluent English
    • The legal right to work in Hungary or the EU
  • What we offer

    Spain (Madrid)

    • 28,000 Euro starting salary
    • 11.5% on target bonus (annual)
    • 23 days’ annual leave
    • Medical and life insurance
    • Meal vouchers
    • Work Balance Services

    Netherlands (Amsterdam)

    • 36,650 Euro starting salary
    • 10% on target bonus (annual)
    • 25 days’ annual leave
    • Participation in medical and life insurance

    Belgium (Brussels)

    • 36,000 Euro starting salary
    • 10% on target bonus (annual)
    • 30 days’ annual leave
    • Representation allowance
    • Meal vouchers
    • Medical and life insurance

    France (Paris)

    • Compensation and benefits will be discussed when selected for the position

    Italy (Milan)

    • Compensation and benefits will be discussed when selected for the position

    Hungary (Budapest and Debrecen)

    • Compensation and benefits will be discussed when selected for the position
  • Application process

    Please note that for all European positions, the recruitment process may differ from the process outlined in the How to Apply section of this website. Your local recruiter will inform you of what those differences are, and be there to support and guide you through the application process.


    All European programmes will be advertised on our jobs page over the coming months. We look for graduates in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Hungary. Please note they may be advertised at different times depending on the local schedule, so keep checking if the country you’re interested isn’t displayed yet.